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Best of our Finished Works: Rails

I think railings can really add some drama to a space, or quietly complement a focal point. When done poorly, it can also take away from a well-designed home.

Here are some picks I have of the best railing designs we fabricated:

1. Optical Illusion: The bars curve and curl to a circle between two posts. The dark finish contrasts with the light natural beige wall. It reminds me of those optical illusions, except not straining to the eyes--just eye catching. Reference HR0223 for this design.

2. Bejeweled: There's no debate on whether or not pearls and lace are elegant and luxurious. They are. This staircase adds even more to that beauty with its elegant curves. I know we've featured it in our Gallery, but it's too good not to mention. Reference: HR0217.

3. Modern Elements: The glass, the wood, and the metal harmoniously work together to create something clean and modern.

4.Divine Vine: Imagine walking under a trellis covered in flora and into a vineyard. Now imagine walking up these stairs. Scratch that. Imagine gliding up to the top. Reference: HR0168

5. Symphonic Abstraction: The dark material contrasting with the white walls really bring out this staircase. Irregular but symmetric slim shapes remind me of a music sheet. I am pretty sure this deserves a beautiful grand piano under it.

6. Masculine Metal: Look at the wrapped metal cord detail of this staircase. I think that the shape is so solid and masculine you could say it probably goes to the gym. Reference: HR0274

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