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Tips for a Smooth Sailing Project

1. Have an idea of the product and design you want.

It will greatly help the consultation process if you have an idea of what metal work you want to get done, where you want it to be, and how you would like it to look. Let's say you are looking to get some doors for the front of your home, think about these things:

-Overall style and feel: When you think about the front of your home, what style would you like it to evoke? Do you want to go modern minimalist where the design is simple with lots of room for light? Or would you like to go rustic, something that reminds you for your childhood home in the country? Do you want it to be dark, gothic, and intimidating? Or perhaps eclectic, like pop art, with uniquely shaped scrollwork?

-Color: What color would match the feel of your home? Do you want it to contrast?

-Texture: You can pick the finish for your product. You can have it matte (no shine), demi-matte, glossy, textured roughly, or even make it look antique.

For ideas, browse the internet for inspiration or just look at our past works in our portfolio. No, you don't need to be 100% sure of how you want it to look like. We can refine and present more ideas during our FREE consultation. And yes, we will drive to you.

2. Have an idea on the size of your project. If you can, measure the site.

Only attempt to do this if you are sure how to measure the dimensions of where you want your product to be. Some projects may require complex math such as angles for stairs etc. For that, we will visit the site to measure it for you. But, for simpler projects we will have an easier time giving you a quote on the price if we knew how big it will be. During the consultation, we will inspect the site and give our recommendations.

3. Be ready to pay your deposit

Because we do not store materials in our shop, we need to order the materials needed for your project prior to starting. Your deposit goes towards this cost and is due along

with your signed proposal. By making sure you are ready to pay your deposit, you will be expediting the time it takes to get your project's materials to the shop.

4. Make sure to have realistic expectations about time

We make sure to start on a project once we have received the materials but delays can happen in sourcing those materials. We have great relationships with local suppliers but if your project requires something unique that can only be acquired out-of-state, expect the materials to take more time.

In addition, the shop works extremely hard to make beautiful work in our client's exacting standards while maintaining the level of quality we expect in our products. Because each custom piece of work can be so complex in materials, shape, and sizes, some works can take up more time than expected. Factor in some weather delays and we can have a real slowdown on our hands.

By making sure to have realistic expectations about time, you are allowing us to do our best work to get it right down to the details. We do have many years of experience creating metal works and we try to apply every lesson we've learned to all the new projects coming in.

Want to read about the 6 Steps to a Finished Custom Ross Metal Works Project? Click this link

And, if you're ready to book a consultation with us, make sure to call us at 713-699-9543, email us at or fill out our form on the front of our website.

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