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Our Promise

Quality craftmanship

Since 1910, we have hand-forged a full spectrum of custom metal work: from hurricane-resistant windows, decorative railings, and doggie-doors, to ornamental gates and wine cellar doors. Our many years of experience contribute to our continued success in creating unique and exceptional artistry. We continue to meet the various demands of our customers providing them with art that suits their taste.



We seek to provide solutions. In 1991, Ross Metal Works President and Owner, Barry Ross designed and patented “SPEED Latch” for keyless exits to window burglar bars which can be used on any basic or ornate window. We continue to use this product today. In addition, we have designed entry/exit trackless gates, double bi-fold doors to let the outdoors in, and a fun metal spiral slide. The challenge of creating solutions and innovating for the future fuels us.


Sincere customer service

Our relationship with our customers is incredibly important. We will work with you to create a beautiful product that suits your taste.  We are incredibly responsive and hope you take advantage of our free consultation.

Barry Ross, President and Owner of Ross Metal Works

"I am the proud owner of tools that my great-grandfather used in his Marlin, Texas shop since 1910. His anvils, hammers, forge, tongs, and various jigs are some of my most prized possessions.  My grandfather's tools and my father's tools have also made a nice addition to the Ross Family iron work heritage tool collection, some of which are still in use today.

Ross Metal Works innovative handiwork is not limited to the designs in our gallery. We thrive on, and definitely love, a challenge of custom designing and creating what you envision.  We look forward to creating all your ornamental metal work requirements."

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