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6 steps to a Custom Ross Metal Works Product

You may be wondering what goes into creating a custom Ross Metal Works product. Here are the steps involved :

Step 1. Set up Consultation

Once you have an idea of the project you want to create, you should set up a free consultation appointment with us by calling at 713-699-9543, emailing at, or filling out the form in the front of our website.

Step 2. Location visit and design consultation

We will send an employee to speak with you about your design needs. At this stage, we can present some ideas that suit your vision and collaborate with you on every detail of the product. We will also measure the site of where you want your product to be to ensure that the design stays in code. We provide CAD drawings for an extra fee.

Step 3. Proposal Draft

In this stage, we will finalize the design and put it in a proposal for you to sign. It will include the price and the estimated time it will take to finish your project. You can return it to us to redraft it for any changes you want to make.

Step. 4 Deposit

Once you have signed your proposal and paid 50% of the cost of your project, we will order the materials to start your project. Once we get the materials, we will send it to the shop to get started on fabrication.

Step. 5 Fabrication, Painting, and Finishing

At the end of the fabrication process, we will call you to set up a time for installing your beautiful custom product. It would be best to prepare for final payment at this stage because it will be due on the day of the install.

Step. 6 Installation

Our team will install your product and deliver the final invoice or email it to you. At this stage, you should inspect the products and let us know of any issues so we can fix it right away for you. The final 50% of your bill is due the day of completion. We would appreciate if you fill out our 1-minute online survey to provide feedback about our services.

Now that you've heard about the 6 steps to your custom metal works project, make sure to send us an inquiry about a project you have in mind.

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